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San Jeou Building Material Industry CO., Ltd.

Founded in 1982, San Jeou building material industry Co,. Ltd. is a highly reputed to be specialist and manufacturer of UL fire rated shutter, Flood gates and Flood barriers. San Jeou’s fire shutter and flood solutions have been supplied and installed to majority of domestic public constructions and oversea projects. San Jeou The brand’s name in Chinese meaning stands for three permanencies, which is our motto (Reputation, Quality, Services) . San Jeou’s products have over 60% sales figures of domestic public constructions, including all subway system in Taiwan’s major cities, airport, harbor, power stations and military base. Based on steady growth in domestic market, San Jeou now is aggressively developing international market. With High quality and competitive price, we believed that San Jeou’s products will be satisfied by our international clients. We will continuous to improve and dedicate to ourselves, and strive to achieve our strategic targets.


BS EN 1634-12008 2HR Thermal Resistance

TUV PAS1188 Zero Water Leakage Certification

UL Fire Roller Door Test Report (including OVER SIZE certification)

UL Fire Roller Door Test Report SJ-302 (including OVER SIZE certification)

UL Fire and Heat Resistant Roller Door Test Report SJ-303A

UL Fire and Heat Resistant Roller Door Test Report SJ-120A

Interior Fire Roller Door Test SJ-302 (enlarged size)

Interior Fire Roller Door Test SJ-302 with ejector

Ministry of the Interior Heat Resistant Fire Roller Door Test SJ-303A (Enlarged Size)

Ministry of the Interior heat-resistant type fire-resistant rolling door test SJ-303A with ejection door

The Ministry of Interior's heat-resistant fire-resistant rolling door smoke shielding test SJ-303AS (enlarged size)

The Ministry of Interior's heat-resisting fire-resisting rolling door with smoke shielding test SJ-303AS

SJ-303S Smoke Shielding Test for Doors Used in Buildings of the Ministry of the Interior

ISO 9001 management quality certification


Electric waterproof rolling door won the honor of the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award
The company's capital was increased to NT$80 million.
Produced Taiwan's first self-produced and assembled wind-resistant flexible door.
The electric flood gates and manual flood gates produced by Sanjiu have passed the TUV test PAS1188 standard.
Taichung Wufeng Factory was completed, introducing new equipment such as new molding machines, precision shears and folding machines.
The construction of the new Sanjiu plant was started at the new site in Wufeng, covering an area of ​​4,300 square meters.
Apply for the fire protection certification 60B for general rolling doors with ejector doors.
Developed and completed the product of aluminum alloy waterproof rolling door, and applied for patents in many countries.
Completed the waterproof gates and various compartment doors, watertight doors, etc.
Completed successively the waterproof gates and fireproof rolling doors of Taipei MRT Xinzhuang Line and Luzhou Line.
The design and manufacture of various waterproof gates, watertight doors and compartment doors have been successively developed (installed in each station of Taipei MRT).
Completed Kaohsiung MRT Lines R and O, a total of 26 stations with electric rolling doors, fireproof rolling doors and waterproof gates (38 stations in total).
Completed the water inlet gate project of the Keelung River Yuanshanzi flood diversion project.
The swing arm type electric water gate and the traverse type electric water gate have been developed successively.
Experienced in building large waterproof gates with a head pressure of 12M and a gate size of 6M × 3.2M (Taipei MRT Fuxing Station).
Completion of high-speed rail Qingpu, Wuri, Yanchao, Zuoying station fire shutter and waterproof gate project.
The electric fire door has passed the CNS 14803 fire protection aging certification of 3 hours.
Completed the renovation of the waterproof gate of the Nali Hurricane Disaster Improvement Project east of Taipei MRT City Hall Station.
The electric fire shutter has passed the CNS 11227 fire protection aging 2 hours certification.
The development of the electric side-rolling fire-proof rolling door was completed, and the side-rolling fire-proof rolling door of the terminal of the first phase of Zhongzheng Airport was contracted.
The capital of the company was changed to NT$28 million.
The company has passed ISO-9001 international quality certification, leading the industry.
The fireproof rolling door has passed the certification of the U.L. fireproof aging of 3 hours.
Completed the development of screw-type electric waterproof gate.
Signed a technical cooperation agreement with Japan's OMATA Rolling Door Co., Ltd.
The door panel forming technology was introduced from Japan, and four sets of automatic forming machines joined the production ranks.
The new factory was completed and moved from Taichung City to the new factory.
Purchased a land of 1,200 square meters in Dali to expand the plant.
The first domestic development of chain-type electric monorail gate.
The company name was changed to Sanjiu Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd.
Established Sanjiu Rolling Door Industry Co., Ltd.